Police Arrest Suspect In Creepy Clown Homicide — 27 Years After The Killing

On May 26, 1990, a Florida woman was fatally shot in what was reported as the “crime of the year.” Now, over 27 year later, justice may finally be served.

Almost three decades ago, Marlene Warren( not pictured) answered a knock on her doorway to find a person wearing white makeup, an orange wig, a red snout, and a clown dres on her front steps.

The clown handed her a basket of carnations and two balloons — one featuring Snow White and another with the words “You’re the Greatest.” Then, the jester whipped out a revolver and shot the Palm Beach County resident in the face before calmly walking to a getaway car and driving away.

A couple who had been trying to return their auto to Payless Car Rental contacted another local car rental place from the yellow pages. They told detectives that a human who answered the phone at A Bargain Auto Rentals, a business owned by Michael Warren, told them to leave their rental outside Payless. It soon disappeared.

Keen and her then-husband repossessed autoes for a living, often working with the Warrens through their car dealership and rental firm. Michael denied having an affair with Keen in 1991, telling press he did not know who killed his wife.

Flash forward to 2014: the cold example division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reopened the occurrence. After detectives began re-contacting witnesses and conducting fresh DNA analyses, researchers learned that Keen and Warren had been married for over ten years and were living in Tennessee where they had been operating a restaurant together.

After presenting their occurrence to a grand jury on August 31, officials successfully obtained an indictment for first-degree assassination against Keen. She was arrested in Virginia and is awaiting extradition to Florida.

Well… better late than never.

[ Image via Washington County Virginia’s Sheriff’s Office .]

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